Journal “My photographs invite the viewer to finish the story, step inside the drama, imagine the human cast,
understand the setting, and take visual pleasure in light and in shadow.” —Frank Relle

EL Oriente de Cuba

For those who know me KNOW that I love photography—the way a story can be captured, transformed and unfold right in front of a camera lens.

Recently I had the most amazing opportunity to join a group to travel to Cuba and photograph in EL Oriente de Cuba for thirteen days. This is the eastern part of Cuba. It is largely rural and largely untouched by most modern technology. In many ways, in my opinion, it is the soul of Cuba.

During my travels I found the Cuban people of the Oriente to be humble, gracious, proud and very inviting. Many days I would wonder by myself with my camera. A mother, grandmother, child, pet (most likely a dog) or husband would be scurrying about in their modest open air dwellings or playing dominions and visiting with neighbors outside when I would travel by with my camera. They all treated me as a special and invited guest. Through broken and poorly recalled Spanish on my part, I was ushered into their homes to see their tidy and sparse dwellings. I was invited to tell their story and to share my pictures with them on the back of my camera. My images capture my thirteen-day experience and their life story through my eyes and my heart.

I was also fortunate to photograph in Santiago de Cuba during Fidel Castro’s’ funeral procession from the capital, Havana back to his resting place in Santiago de Cuba. His remains traveled on a four-day journey back to Santiago where he had formally studied at their Jesuit school. Santiago was also and more significantly the home of his revolution.

Here are a few pictures that I captured in Cuba. I have created a slide show for those who want to experience more of my journey. Enjoy!